Adventures of Superman

Here is the story of this show:- The Man of Steel fights crime with help from his friends at the Daily Planet.

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1952

IMDb: 7.7

Season 1 - Adventures of Superman
19 Sep 1952
"Jor-El, Krypton's leading scientist, sends his infant son to Earth in a rocket just as the planet explodes. The rocket is found by Eben and Sarah Kent and Eben gets the infant out before ..."
26 Sep 1952
"While visiting his aunt and cousin on Moose Island, Jimmy is alarmed by their suspicious behavior. After being warned to stay away from a lighthouse that is said to be haunted, he calls Clark for help in his investigation."
03 Oct 1952
"Clark, Lois, and Jimmy attend a ventriloquist act that goes wrong when the dummy appears to talk by itself. Upon further investigation, they link what the dummy appears to have said to a series of armored car hijackings."
10 Oct 1952
"A notorious con artist and his thugs are going to all the antique shops in town, buying cheap figurines, and smashing them. Clark and Lois assume that they are looking for something hidden inside the figurines, so they investigate."
17 Oct 1952
"The daughter of an Eastern European scientist flees to the United States to give a secret formula to the president before the communists who killed her father can get to it, and Lois ..."
24 Oct 1952
"While on vacation, Lois stumbles upon a ring of criminals who are smuggling fugitives into Canada. She and the innkeeper's wife are captured, and it is up to Jimmy and Superman to save them."
31 Oct 1952
"A crippled young girl writes Superman a letter asking him to take her to the fair for her birthday, but before he arrives she is kidnapped by a group of counterfeiters who need information that she has been given by mistake."
07 Nov 1952
"A mobster kidnaps a scientist and takes possession of his invention. The crook uses the device to damage the minds of people testifying before an investigative committee. The victims die a ..."
14 Nov 1952
"While Lois is in Carbine, Pennsylvania, gathering information for a story about the town's mining system, an old prospector is trapped in a cave-in. Lois attempts to rescue him, but when ..."
17 Nov 1952
"Dr. H.L. Ort is using an advanced version of a truth serum to hypnotize employees of the Daily Planet in an attempt to discover Superman's secret identity."
28 Nov 1952
"Bad Luck Brannigan, a wrestler working for a crooked promoter, uses \"the paralyzer\" to cripple opponents. Clark Kent discovers the promoter has imprisoned an immigrant dubbed \"the swami,\" ..."
05 Dec 1952
"When Lois has trouble getting her nurse on the telephone, she and Clark drive to the small town of Cliffton to see what the problem is. After arriving, they find that the town is mostly ..."
12 Dec 1952
"A criminal breaks into Clark Kent's apartment, finds a hidden closet and steals Clark's Superman costume. The criminal is fatally wounded but not before he takes the costume to hood Ace and..."
19 Dec 1952
"While Lois is on her way to an auction featuring South American items, a man asks her to purchase an Inca tapestry for him. Soon after, the man is killed and the tapestry is stolen from ..."
26 Dec 1952
"A man aboard a ship to Metropolis is smuggling something valuable into the country, but when one of his partner's henchmen shows up to help him get the item through customs, the passenger ..."
02 Jan 1953
"Madam Dawn and her husband own a wax museum in Metropolis. She claims to have visions that prominent people will die within six months. Indeed, the people appear to commit suicide. Madam Dawn's latest vision: Perry White will die."
09 Jan 1953
"The inventor of a robot is kidnapped by burglars who intend to use his robot for robberies. Meanwhile, the police are looking for the inventor, who they believe to be responsible for the ..."
16 Jan 1953
"When Jimmy and Perry White's sister go missing in Haiti while filming voodoo practitioners, Perry and Clark go looking for them."
23 Jan 1953
"Perry White and Jimmy Olsen, while on a fishing trip, end up staying at a rundown hotel. It has only three occupants -- two men who are trying to kill each other and a wheelchair-bound old ..."
30 Jan 1953
"Harry Wong, manager of Lu Song's antique store, decides to help thief John Greer steal a priceless jade statue from Song. Although no one is supposed to get hurt, the plan changes when ..."
06 Feb 1953
"\"Bet A Million\" Butler, who will \"bet on anything,\" wages $100,000 he can keep Superman under his control for 30 minutes. He shows up at the Daily Planet and abducts Lois Lane, forcing her ..."
13 Feb 1953
"A movie is being filmed about mobster Luigi Dinelli. The film is based on a series of articles that Clark Kent wrote for the Daily Planet. Dinelli is more than displeased. He orders a hit ..."
20 Feb 1953
"The Lone Pine Timber Company, which is owned by the Daily Planet and supplies it with the pulp wood to make its paper, is in danger of shutting down after a series of mishaps. When the last..."
27 Feb 1953
"As a massive crime wave unfolds, Superman vows to put top mobsters behind bars. His ultimate target is the mysterious \"No. 1 man.\" The top criminal devises a trap for the Man of Steel."
10 Aug 1953
"Clark Kent and Lois Lane travel to Silsby, Texas, site of the deepest well ever drilled. But when they arrive, the well is being shut down and the oil company manager present isn't saying ..."
10 Aug 1953
"One of the \"unknown people\" is shot while atop a dam near Silsby, Texas. Superman catches him before he falls into water and takes him to the Silsby hospital. Superman, in his Clark Kent ..."
Season 2 - Adventures of Superman
18 Sep 1953
"Clark Kent and Lois Lane interview Winters, a man on death row. As Clark listens to Winter's story, he checks the convict's pulse. It remains steady and Clark is convinced Winters is ..."
25 Sep 1953
"The Daily Planet plans to give Dan Grayson an award for being citizen of the year. Grayson is a dedicated family man, active in community groups and a loyal employee of a fur company. He ..."
03 Oct 1953
"Reporters Clark, Lois, and Jimmy hope to find out who has been pulling a series of burglaries. Clues lead them to a nightclub which hosts Swami Armada, a phony mind reader, and Lois and ..."
10 Oct 1953
"Perry White's nephew Chris, a pilot who has been testing jets for the military, is kidnapped, with his captor attempting to get his hands on the report Chris wrote about the jets."
17 Oct 1953
"A frantic woman named Harriet Hopper (Vera Marshe) bursts into the offices of the \"Daily Planet\" demanding to speak to Superman--and makes a beeline to the office of Clark Kent (George ..."
24 Oct 1953
"Criminal Happy King returns to Metropolis, determined to rid himself of Superman. He has hired a European scientist, who has found a way to manufacture synthetic Kryponite from a fragment ..."
31 Oct 1953
"Superman narrowly prevents disaster at an atomic facility. In doing so, he has become totally irradiated and will kill living things just by being close to them. This forces Superman into ..."
07 Nov 1953
"Brockhurst, a famous magician, has been dead for a number of years. Yet, he his ghost is supposed to be returning. Clark Kent, while in England on assignment for the Daily Planet with Jimmy..."
14 Nov 1953
"Superman saves a dog, Corky, from a well. The dog belongs to the wife of Hank, who runs a numbers syndicate in Metropolis. Corky finds Clark Kent, knowing the reporter is Superman. ..."
21 Nov 1953
"Boulder, a thug, is recruited to participate in a scheme. Bouler undergoes plastic surgery to look like Superman and then is trained by a voice coach to sound like him. Wearing a Superman ..."
28 Nov 1953
"Marty Mitchell, a wanted criminal, offers other crooks something they can't pass up: for $50,000 each, they'll get a new face, courtesy of plastic surgery, and changed fingerprints. Experts..."
05 Dec 1953
"Superman rams a giant asteroid on a collision course with Earth. The impact causes the asteroid to now orbit the planet. However, Superman is staggered as he returns to Earth. He manages to..."
12 Dec 1953
"A scientist develops an advanced computer he dubs \"Mr. Kelso.\" A criminal gains the confidence of the scientist and access to Mr. Kelso. The result: a series of perfectly timed bank ..."
19 Dec 1953
"\"Daily Planet\" reporters Clark (George Reeves), Lois (Noel Neill) and Jimmy (Jack Larson) head into a treacherous jungle, searching for a scientific expedition which has vanished. The local..."
26 Dec 1953
"Diner owner Tony (Tito Vuolo) keeps a pair of protection racketeers (Terry Frost, Paul Burke) from bothering him by claiming (falsely) to be close friends with Superman (George Reeves). ..."
02 Jan 1954
"Clark Kent and Lois Lane enlist circus clown Rollo to participate in a telethon sponsored by the Daily Planet. Another clown, Crackers, is present when Rollo agrees. Crackers knocks out ..."
09 Jan 1954
"Clark Kent temporarily takes in Frankie, a juvenile street tough who has hooked up with Duke, a criminal. Clark, in his civilian identity, is trying to set Frankie on the right path. But ..."
16 Jan 1954
"Lois Lane decides to employ private detective Homer Garrity to find out once and for all if Clark Kent is Superman. At the same time, a blackmailer is trying to kill Garrity, whose life is ..."
23 Jan 1954
"A man in a diving suit begins to walk into the Daily Planet building. He is shot before he can enter the newspaper's offices. Dying, the man says the word, \"Quincy,\" to Perry White. Perry ..."
30 Jan 1954
"A steamship, an airliner and a train have all been destroyed over the past year. Perry White receives a telephone call from someone calling himself the Wrecker. The Wrecker claims ..."
06 Feb 1954
"Jimmy Olsen finds a bottle with a written message but seawater has washed away the ink. Clark Kent, using his enhanced vision, can make out the name \"Golden Vulture,\" which is the name of a..."
13 Feb 1954
"Jimmy Olsen becomes editor of the Daily Planet for a day. It's part of a program where young people assume important offices, including mayor and police chief, for 24 hours. Jimmy, however,..."
20 Feb 1954
"Jimmy Olsen, staying temporarily at an apartment, is spooked. He's hearing mysterious noises, a painting on his wall seems to have changed and he encounters a man with a scar and a ''lady ..."
27 Feb 1954
"A mysterious box from Egypt causes a bidding war between two men, Whitlock and Barnak. The box also is said to carry a curse and three people, including Lois Lane, are stricken opening it. ..."
06 Mar 1954
"Sterling Holloway returns as eccentric scientist Uncle Oscar, who while trying to cook up a formula for flavored stamp glue ends up with a powerful explosive. Rather than write down the ..."
13 Mar 1954
"A blind girl enters a Daily Planet contest in which the winner will go around the world with Superman. But she has entered the contest using her mother's name, intending that she win. The ..."
Season 3 - Adventures of Superman
23 Apr 1955
"A nutty professor uses his time machine to send Clark, Lois, Jimmy, Perry and himself back to 50,000 B.C., along with a notorious gangster who decides he likes prehistoric times."
30 Apr 1955
"Inspector Henderson's son makes a hobby out of collecting various sounds on spools of tape. Unfortunately, a gangster finds a nefarious use for the boy's collection."
07 May 1955
"The members of a club devoted to spurning superstition begin to suffer a series of near-calamities."
14 May 1955
"While Metropolis gears up to honor its most popular \"citizen\" during Superman Week, gangster Si Horten (Herbert Vigran) tries to figure out a way to rid the town of the Man of Steel. Taking..."
21 May 1955
"Everybody knows that the favorite expletive of \"Daily Planet\" reporter Perry White (John Hamilton is \"Great Caesar's Ghost!\" With this in mind, imagine White's shock and dismay when he is ..."
28 May 1955
"Aging Indian Chief Okatee (Ralph Moody) is in danger of being exiled by his tribe because of his inability to bring rain to his drought-stricken people. Superman (George Reeves) lends a ..."
04 Jun 1955
"After rescuing a cat owned by eccentric Mrs. Peabody (Elizabeth Patterson), cub reporter Jimmy Olsen (Jack Larson) is given a reward--of one million dollars! Much to the dismay of his ..."
10 Sep 1955
"Fired by editor Perry White (John Hamilton), disgraced reporter Clark Kent (George Reeves) joins a gang of diamond thieves. Unbeknownst to fellow reporters Lois (Noel Neill) and Jimmy (Jack..."
17 Sep 1955
"Lois (Noel Neill) writes a story about the discovery of an ancient necklace with alleged magic powers. It is said that whosoever wears the necklace will be protected from all harm. Gangster..."
24 Sep 1955
"Visiting the quaint Old West community of Dry Gulch, Jimmy quickly runs afoul of town bully Gunnar Flinch, who has an eye for Lois. Not necessarily a job for Superman, who nonetheless provides a still timely lesson on bullying."
01 Oct 1955
"Future TV western star Chuck Connors appears in this classic episode as a gangly hillbilly who happens to be named Sylvester J. Superman. Arriving in Metropolis to seek his fortune, the ..."
08 Oct 1955
"A curio dealer named Mr. Willy (Phillips Tead) is enjoying a brisk business selling dozens of souvenir daggers that he claims have been bent out of shape by \"man of steel\" Superman (George ..."
15 Oct 1955
"Cub reporter Jimmy Olsen (Jack Larson) is mistaken for Prince Gregory of Burgonia (Chet Marshall), who has been targeted for assassination. Putting his life on the line, Jimmy agrees to ..."
Season 4 - Adventures of Superman
18 Feb 1956
"Season Four of The Adventures of Superman opens with a sentimental story about a racing filly named Joey. Formerly owned by a girl named Alice (Janine Perreau) and purchased by \"The Daily ..."
25 Feb 1956
"A contest in which the participants must guess the number of jellybeans in a jar has been rigged by a gang of crooks. Clark Kent (George Reeves), aka Superman, uses his special powers to ..."
03 Mar 1956
"Dishonest politician Duke Taylor (George E. Stone) and his henchman Little Jack (Richard Reeves) conspire with crooked Dr. Watts (Rolfe Sedan) to rid Metropolis of Superman (George Reeves) ..."
10 Mar 1956
"\"Daily Planet\" editor Perry White (John Hamilton) decides to flex his scientific muscles and develops \"Formula U183\", which will enable him to extract uranium from sea water. Villainous ..."
21 Apr 1956
"This episode marks the first appearance of Phillips Tead) in the role of eccentric scientist Professor Pepperwinkle, whose offbeat inventions invariably cause trouble for Clark Kent (George..."
28 Apr 1956
"Gangsters break into Clark's office searching for money and important papers, but can't find anything. The boss comes up with a new plan--he has found someone called \"Kid Collins\" who looks..."
05 May 1956
"Wealthy and spoiled Myra Van Clever (Gloria Talbott) hires Superman (George Reeves) to entertain at a party. What Myra doesn't know is that she has been manipulated into a criminal scheme ..."
12 May 1956
"While answering some letters for an advice columnist, Lois dozes off. She awakens to a delivery of flowers from Superman, and events quickly lead up to a marriage proposal from the Man of ..."
19 May 1956
"The staff of the \"Daily Planet\" serve as referees for a treasure hunt conducted on a remote island by the three heirs to the fortune of Jonathan Skag (Raymond Hatton). It turns out, however..."
26 May 1956
"Criminal Arnold Woodman (Herbert Vigran) and his two confederates plant 20,000 dollars in stolen money on Inspector Henderson (Robert Shayne), then threaten to accuse him of taking a bribe ..."
02 Jun 1956
"A friend who is susceptible to kryptonite radiation visits Clark at the same time a scientist offers to sell some kryptonite to the mob."
09 Jun 1956
"Clark looks into joining a gang whose members possess special coins that allow them to perform crimes while invisible."
16 Jun 1956
"Pirates kidnap Jimmy, Lois and Clark and hide on a remote island the U.S. Navy is about to destroy."
Season 5 - Adventures of Superman
08 Mar 1957
"Superman gets caught up in a scheme to remove a large collection of diamonds originally stolen during the war. Before he can act he has to understand who the criminals are and who are innocently trying to recover their property."
15 Mar 1957
"A man accidentally foil a robbery during a slow news day, and Perry White builds him up as a crime fighter. Superman has to intercede to help the man when his bravery out strips his abilities."
22 Mar 1957
"Crooks have constructed a small mobile \"town.\" They use it as a speed trap to snare money from unsuspecting motorists and, for bigger game, as a way to hijack trucks carrying valuable ..."
29 Mar 1957
"Louis Lane is kidnapped by a third world country after a strange necklace she is wearing indicates she is the reincarnation of that country's legendary queen who'd died 5000 years ago."
05 Apr 1957
"A con man uses an aging monarch's superstitious beliefs against him to get the throne for himself."
12 Apr 1957
"Lois goes undercover as a maid to get an exclusive interview with a notorious gangster."
19 Apr 1957
"When one of the Planet's warehouses catches fire Superman arrives in time to stop it. Later Perry learns that a large payroll he placed in the safe, is not there. So the insurance company ..."
26 Apr 1957
"Jimmy has a chance encounter with a barber who seems to have a talent for getting people to do what he wants by making them reveal their true nature. Jimmy decides to try this talent to break up a criminal organization."
03 May 1957
"Professor Pepperwinkle has developed a way to transmit objects and people through telephone lines. A group of criminals are quick to see the advantage of such a device, and Superman has to stop them before the situation gets out of hand."
10 May 1957
"A boy hears a plea on the radio for people to donate clothing to flood victims. So he donates his grand father's coat. Later when his grand father learns what he did, he freaks out because,..."
17 May 1957
"Superman races against time when a circus elephant is stolen. Hundreds of young children risk being disappointed when the elephant promised for a special charity event can't be found."
24 May 1957
"The Daily Planet gets a strange visitor who turns out to me a rejected citizen from Mars. It is discovered Mr Zero has a talent that attracts the attention of some local gangsters who draw Mr Zero into their gang."
31 May 1957
"Jimmy accidentally discovers an anti gravity formula, unfortunately he has no idea how it was done due to an accident. This does not stop local criminals and the military taking a deep and urgent interest in the formula."
Season 6 - Adventures of Superman
03 Feb 1958
"A man wearing armor kidnaps Lois and Jimmy."
10 Feb 1958
"A criminal, who has a kryptonite ray gun, attempts to lure Superman into a trap by kidnapping Lois and Jimmy."
17 Feb 1958
"Superman stretches the laws of physics to the breaking, or rather splitting, point to prevent a coup in a Latin American country."
24 Feb 1958
"Inspector Henderson believes that Paul Barton, a criminal who's guilty of practically every crime known who disappeared nearly seven years ago, is hiding inside a cube-like structure which ..."
03 Mar 1958
"A nuclear scientist who defected to the U.S. was exposed to nuclear radiation and has only a short time to live has been living in the desert. But agents from his country try to get him to ..."
10 Mar 1958
"A prospector who has hit it rich donates a silver mine to needy children and names it the \"Superman Silver Mine.\" A crook, who bears a strong resemblance to the prospector, abducts him. The..."
17 Mar 1958
"An anti-memory vapor, developed by Professor Pepperwinkle, is stolen and used to commit crimes."
24 Mar 1958
"Professor Pepperwinkle creates a robot whom he calls Mr. McTavish. It isn't long before Jimmy and Lois learn about him and Pepperwinkle shows him to them. Later Superman shows up but as he ..."
31 Mar 1958
"A beautiful policewoman is asked to pose as Superman's wife in order to help him break up a gang of bank robbers."
07 Apr 1958
"Three circus performers use their abilities in various crimes to frame Superman."
14 Apr 1958
"Perry gets a wire from Lois, who's in Mexico, that she has discovered a donkey with psychic powers. Perry sends Clark down to investigate, and discovers that not only does the \"burro\" have ..."
21 Apr 1958
"A criminal who was sent to prison by Superman and the Planet staff goes to the Planet office and tells them of his intention to go after them. They respond that Superman will stop him. Only..."
28 Apr 1958
"Professor Pepperwinkle isolates a dose of kryptonite called \"Positive K\", which winds up giving Lois and Jimmy the same types of powers as Superman."